Play KonFu With Light 1 & 2 ( How I Took It )  

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Model ... Myself.

Step 1. Set my camera in M mode with

Exposure time- 2.5 sec
Aperture - f/8
ISO - 800

Step 2. Set my camera menu in wireless remote with 2s.

Step 3. Asked my fri to stand in front of camera and tried to get focus.

Step 4. Turned to focus lock in my camera.( I did focus lock at my lens, not in my camera setting. )

Step 5. Released shutter button with my wireless remote and waited my camera shutter to open

Step 6. When my camera shutter opened, turned on my LED light and and ran from right.

Step 5. When I was turning my body and jumping in front of camera, my fri turned on the streetlight.

Did not use built-in camera flash.That's all.

Peace !

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