So ... Big Big Hug To U 2.( How I Took It )  

Thursday, May 20, 2010

 Model ... Myself.

Step 1. Set my camera in M mode with
Exposure time- 10sec
Aperture - f/8
ISO - 200

Step 2. Set my camera menu in wireless remote with 2s.

Step 3.Asked my fri to stand at a place and tried to get the focus.

Step 4.Set focus lock in my camera.( I did focus lock at my lens.
Not in my camera setting. )

Step 5. Released shutter button with my wireless remote and waited my camera shutter to open.

Step 6. Started to count 1 and sit on the ground as in first pose. At the same moment, my fri helped me by turning on the streetlight.

Step 7. Continued counting and when I got to 3, I changed my body position to half stand.My fri turned on streetlight again at that time.

Step 8. Continued counting and when I got to 5, I changed my body position again and stood up. At the same time my fri turned on the streetlight .
Did not use built-in camera flash.
That's all.

Peace !

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